The Broken Shovels Farm Mission

A commitment to ethical treatment of farm animals. We are a vegetarian farm with an emphasis on rescue and sanctuary, and operate from the pillars of our instituted “Rights of Non-Human Workers”. These rights include the basic right to life, love, happiness, and the right to their own children and families, as well as competent caretakers.

Even small farms can be a severe and terrible life for its animal workers, don’t believe that just because you are buying from small farms that you’d approve of the standards of animal treatment. I want to ensure a cooperative, mutually beneficial food production with my animal residents and moreover, a happy, productive, high quality life for those who provide it.

Animals have a way of feeding more than just bellies. Souls and Spirits get their fill too, of the sincere and pure affection that a well-loved farm animal can offer. In my most difficult, lonely, overworked, and heart-wrenching times doing farm work, I am revived by the tiny, sparkling moments of a baby goat falling asleep in my lap, the first peep of a new chick hatching from an egg, and even the day to day loving interaction between me and the animals. I would ultimately like to share this with people and create an awareness of how curative and tonic our food producing friends can be, and an honest conversation of how animals and food play a role in our human lives. We work to educate the public about the emotional lives and personhood of domesticated animals.

While we are dairy producers, we advocate a vegan diet, or a large scale reduction of consumption of animal products to ensure the health of humans, animals, wildlife and the planet.

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