We need lifesavers…

We need lifesavers…

And YOU can be one for as little as $6!

It’s June, time for our biggest matching donor fundraising campaign of the year, in order to provide the sanctuary with our operating budget and support for the whole year! June is our most crucial month to make sure we have the basics we need for the next 12 months.

2019 hay is finally being cut and baled and is ready for sale. We get our best prices and opportunities for the best hay this month.

Our operating budget, which is primarily the hay budget, tells us how many animals we can rescue, what urgent animals we can care for in our vet fund, and what facilities can be expanded, improved and updated.

We urge you to begin or renew a membership this month, which entitles members to admission to Sunday events, VIP passes to special events and lots of extras, and the knowledge that you’ve become an important part of the work of a rescue-focused sanctuary.

This month, we offer $100 off of yearly tax-deductible memberships, and every dollar we raise is generously matched. Our target this year is $100,000, a modest increase from last year, but will allow us to do so much in housing, feeding, vetting over 400 permanent resident animals.

In addition, all tax deductible, one-month animal sponsorships, hay and straw bale donations and scheduled monthly donations will be MATCHED 100%.

What did we do with our budget last year?

  • provided spay/neuter for over 50 permanent resident animals.
  • gave a foster-to-adoption and rehab home to over 125 dogs facing euthanasia.
  • acted as a soft-release safe spot for more than a dozen native animals from wildlife rehab.
  • provided home for Diamond, a sick, injured slaughterbound young horse.
  • gave home and vet care to malnourished blind baby goat named Helen.
  • rescued 30 baby chickens dumped in a ditch by a hatchery that had a cancelled order.
  • took in 8 critical piglets from the hurricanes of North Carolina.
  • helped give Marcie the blind calf a chance at life, who was being left to die of septic infection.
  • saved five baby boy goats being discarded from the dairy industry.
  • gave lifesaving home to dairy discard calf Apollo, who was abandoned by the rodeo industry when he became sick and malnourished.
  • helped orchestrate a bankrupt chicken factory farm rescue to bring home over 200 hungry babies needing vetting and facilities in conjunction with a coalition of sanctuaries able to pull over 1000 birds to permanent safe homes.
  • made space for 11 birds confiscated from a cockfighting bust.
  • received and rehabilitated six dehydrated roosters left to die on public prairielands.
  • provided sanctuary for three lambs who failed to sell at slaughter auction.
  • became the sanctuary location for the critically injured and sick A Pig Named Love, who survived the Nebraska floods and escaped a hoarding situation.
  • took in Whirley, a severely underfed pig from a hoarding case in Jefferson County.
  • was the on-scene rescue for Woody, a pig who escaped a slaughterhouse and was found running through a neighborhood.
  • rescued four very sick calves needing extensive vetting from a California dairy.
  • rescued three day-old slaughter bound calves from a Colorado dairy.
  • provided sanctuary and rehabilitation, and then end of life care for Major, a little goat bred to be slaughtered who ended up enjoying round the clock love and care and being able to walk in his own wheelchair.
  • built a brand new waterfowl habitat and pond for over 40 ducks and geese who were abandoned in public parks.
  • constructed 16 new bird habitats for roosters dumped by backyard chicken keeping.

…And many, many more behind the scenes animals have had their lives changed by being given a forever home to live in safety, freedom and love this year.

But we couldn’t have done all of this without you.

Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer staffed and run, with all of your donations going directly to help animals, never high payroll and administrative fees. We are fiscally responsible and thrifty with our resources, with an incredibly hardworking on-site core staff who each work 90+ hours per week, and and all-working board, to ensure we can do the greatest good for the most dire cases and provide services to most animals in need.

To be a lifesaver:


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