Quezito Needs a Dentist!

How perfect is this moment?
CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital student Katya explains to Quezito what’s wrong with his noggin…and even he is surprised!
Quezito went in for a checkup last week because he was losing weight despite extra special food. He was anemic (but as our goats never do), he wasn’t carrying a parasite load to explain it. He’s a younger guy, so we never expected to hear that he has advanced dental disease and badly needs some extraction work.
Of course, dentistry for any species is expensive, and we are lucky CSU has a large animal specialty dentist. BUT it IS expensive!
We considered putting the surgery off a bit to fundraise, but because his inability to chew well is having such a huge impact on his health, and because it normally takes months to get an appointment, we REALLY need to fundraise QUICK so he can be seen August 1st. If we wait, he can’t be seen until the end of the year and that might be too late.
Can you donate for this special little guy? Pain meds can mask the ouch but a goat with bad teeth can’t digest their food effectively. The high estimate of his bill is $2000, an emergency above and beyond our vet fund for the essential routine care the animals here need.
Venmo: @brokenshovels
PayPal: brokenshovels@gmail.com

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