“Remember Me…”

Grieving the loss of a loved one is awfully painful. The process is different for everyone. Around here, coping with the death of our loved ones – the animals – is usually preempted with the needs of those still living. 

One of Broken Shovels’ volunteers, Shay Guerrero, is an artist who surprised us one afternoon with her specialty – artwork of our beloved Quetzlcoatl as an Alebrije. Instant tears. We had just said goodbye to this amazing turkey just over two months ago. 

From Shay,
“In Oaxacan Mexican folklore an Alebrije is a fantastical creature of the afterlife, a spiritual animal guide unique to each individual assigned at birth. I believe they are here with us on earth for awhile but with us as our spiritual guardians eternally. 
The idea for these portraits was born in great grief and fueled by deep love after losing my my heart dog Willy. 
I create these Alebrije portraits to honor our unbreakable bond and show their miraculous transition from our world to their spiritual colorful version! Finding comfort in knowing they don’t ever truly leave us but instead transition to the afterlife taking their place as our eternal spirit guides in the great beyond watching over us until we meet again. 


With this artwork, we honor Quetzlcoatl’s big beautiful spirit and hope this representation helps those of us whose lives he touched continue to remember him and how important it is to leave animals off our plate.

This design, in orange or purple, is available for printing on anything our Threadless.com shop has to offer and a percentage of every purchase is donated to the sanctuary Broken Shovels. Follow this link to our shop and show your support for the animals. 

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