LETS FIND HER A HOME! for Brighter Days Dog Rescue

LETS FIND HER A HOME! for Brighter Days Dog Rescue

This rescued mama dog has raised her puppies and seen them off to their new homes, now it HER turn!

Frito Pie is one of the more expressively loving dogs we’ve ever met. She instantly wants to become friends with all the dogs, cats and humans she meets, and she wants to be REALLY good friends.

Her pictures may look cute, but her expressions and mannerisms make her infinitely sweeter, from the “pet me” curl up to the “hold my hand” paw touch. Everything about her is sincerely kind and cute without gimmicks.

She loves walks and little adventures but she’s just as happy cuddled up on the couch watching some good tv on a rainy day.

She learns new things quickly, routines, where to potty, what sound the treat bag makes when you’re trying to be super quiet about it, and where the softest blankets are. She can also easily do simple requests like sit or come here.

Her ideal home would be someone who wants a best friend forever and who has a big heart full of affection for her, thinks she’s the best dog in the whole world. Honestly that’s her only requirement. It’s not things or places or activities that make her happy, it’s the people she can share any of them with. She bonds deeply, and her excited wiggles when you come home are absolutely priceless.

She goes home fully vetted…spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped so you can start your new lives together happy and healthy.

Make this million dollar personality from the wrong side of the tracks the happiest dog ever! See @brighterdays_rescue for adoption application. Colorado homes only, please!

She might also like a new name, what name do you think she would choose?

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