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Saturday, April 20, 2019

10:00 am - 11:30 am


A very special Easter event offering from Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Van featuring Cholo A** Vegan food truck to put you up close and cuddly with our rescued animals to celebrate a no-harm holiday.

We have recently rescued 4 baby calves, 3 lambs, 6 baby goats, one giant bunny and four adorable baby chickens. This event is to give you the chance to have meaningful experiences with animals who have been rescued, not purchased, to raise awareness of the cruel tradition of giving live animals as gifts, and to raise money for the inevitable surrenders who will need a home here after the holiday is through as well as help with the huge vet bills we have taken on in the care of these babies.

Every year, thousands of baby animals are trafficked as Easter gifts, and most end up in shelters, sanctuaries, dumped in parks or deceased within days of being purchased.

Tickets are very limited, so everyone will have opportunities to snuggle the babies up close, help us with bottle feeding and let our newest residents know how much we love them, without too much stress for the human or animal participants.

There are two time slots available, 10am and 11:30am. This will allow guests ample time to have brunch, spend time with the babies and see the rest of the sanctuary animals too!

We ask that no food for animals be brought to this small event to keep the commotion down.

Food from the trucks is additional to the ticket price and is optional (but delicious!)

Children over one year must have a ticket to enter.

No companion animals are allowed at the sanctuary, in cars or on leashes, under any circumstances.

Tickets Here

Baby Animal Snuggle and Easter Brunch *Ticketed Event*
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