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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Broken Shovels Farm
8640 Dahlia St
Commerce City Colorado

Get your goat cuddles, cow hugs, pig belly rubs and puppy snuggles, too! And all of this fun goes to help support our rescued farm animals! Help us welcome our recently rescued, pregnant donkeys.

$5 per person, all ages. No companion animals allowed.

Wanna bring food to feed our obnoxious, silly animal residents?

The feeding rules:

What foods are okay to bring to open farm days??? How do you feed a goat? Or pigs??

Goats are picky and should not (usually wont) eat off the ground. If you hold the bite sized piece in your fingers, they should take it pretty gently.

Piggies are a different story. They dont see well and rely mostly on smell for food finding. If your fingers smell like food, they will probably be mistaken for food. Pigs have SHARP teeth!

The best way to feed pigs is either a whole fruit with plenty of room between the food and your hand, or let them stick a snout through the fence panel before you feed so they cant jump forward. Or, even safer, drop it on the ground. Pigs are not picky at all.

Cut into bite sized pieces, peels/skin on:

Citrus fruits
Kale leaves
Green beans

All of the above are fine to bring whole for the pigs only. We’ve had a choking incident with a goat swallowing a whole apple. Don’t want to do that again!

Our biggest no-nos are stone fruits like peaches/plums/cherries and avocados. Both of those are not good for anyone here!

Nothing moldy or slimy, please!

We will not allow any outside animals on the property, nor left in cars; if you bring animals, you will be asked to leave immediately. In order to start our feeding and watering chores on time, we will close new admissions 10-15 minutes before 3pm.

Open Farm & Snuggle + Puppy Cuddle Fundraiser!
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