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Sunday, August 11, 2019

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary
8640 Dahlia St
Henderson Colorado


Join us for an afternoon of fundraising, snuggles and celebration of the new little lives you’ve helped us rescue this year. Without attendance to these events, we could not rescue urgent cases without hesitation, ensuring we continue to help the most dire abuse and neglect cases.

Just $5 per person donation gives you an afternoon wandering our pens and meeting our animals up close and personal, to make a meaningful connection with the animals you’ve helped us save.

This has been an incredibly hectic rescue season, and we are now home to six rescued baby calves, three lambs and lots of young goats and chickens. We need your support more than ever as we continue to expand the sanctuary to make room for their forever home.

Items we love to have donated: used, clean blankets/towels/sheets, new or slightly used breakaway dog collars, size medium and large, heads or boxes of lettuces, iceberg, romaine, spring mix, etc. for our baby Cornish birds who need a special diet.

If you are bringing treats to feed the animals, please read the food rules completely. No whole fruits or vegetables will be allowed on site, and everything must be cut into small bite size pieces to avoid choking hazards. Paper bags or reusable container are allowed but absolutely no plastic bags to carry food into the pens!

Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary is a safe place for animals rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and exploitation. We are not a petting zoo. We do not breed or sell animals. Occasionally animals are rescued already pregnant, they and their children will live out their lives here and will never be separated, sold or used.

For our public events, we have invited you into our animals’ safe space. Please treat them with kindness and respect. You are visiting their home; they are not here for human entertainment. When you are visiting, please follow all posted rules for the safety and comfort of the animals and visitors. Those individuals in violation of any posted signage or rules will be asked to leave.

Rules for Visitors

Adults are responsible for supervising their children.
DO NOT open any gates and keep out of roped off areas.
NO companion animals are allowed.
Enter at your own risk. Animals will nibble on clothes, shoes, fingers, etc.
DO NOT put hands through fences.
DO NOT chase, hit, yell at, or otherwise mistreat the animals.
DO NOT feed goats near our guardian dogs.
DO NOT climb on fences, gates, hay, trailers, etc.
DO NOT attempt to pick up any animals.
DO NOT feed anything off the ground or put anything in water buckets.
DO NOT leave trash in the animal pens.
Feeding Rules:

Fruits and veggies MUST be cut up in bite-sized pieces and all rubber bands, ties or other packaging MUST be removed.
Fruits and veggies cannot be brought in plastic bags, instead use reusable containers or paper bags.
If food falls on the ground, leave it!
PROHIBITED FOODS: Grapes, potatoes, onions, raisins, stone fruits (cherries, peaches, etc.), bread or wheat products and absolutely nothing with animal products.

Open Sanctuary Rescued Baby Snuggle Celebration
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