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Sunday, March 24, 2019

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Broken Shovels Farm
8640 Dahlia St
Commerce City Colorado

This winter has been the most severe and difficult we can remember, and the recent bomb cyclone blizzard took down one of our very needed shelters, damaged feed and bedding and leaves us with much grading to for flooding.

Come and join us for a fundraiser to help us rebuild, restock and rejuvenate this beautiful piece of land we share with pet, wild and farm animals, and not just restore but improve for the future!

Just $5 per person gives you an afternoon of wandering our pens and meeting our animals up close and personal, to make a meaningful connection with the animals you’ve helped us save.

Our adorable foster puppies will be ready to meet gentle puppy cuddlers and found their new forever companions, Apollo the baby cow will give you giant cow kisses, and our rescued dairy discard baby goats can’t wait to meet you!

Items we love to have donated; used, clean blankets, towels, sheets, new or slightly used break-away dog collars, size medium and large, heads or boxes of lettuces; iceberg, romaine spring mix, etc. for our baby Cornish birds who need a special diet.

If your are bringing treats to feed the animals, please read the food rules completely. No whole fruits or vegetables will be allowed and everything must be cut into bite-size pieces to avoid choking hazards to the animals. Paper bags or reusable containers are allowed, but please no plastic!

Please also read the rules for visitors here.

Open Sanctuary Snuggle Day!
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