We are a group of animal rescuers who have committed the past decade to farm, companion and wild animals at our sanctuary. In years prior, we funded 70% of our budget through our own work, putting on events and giving our community meaningful opportunities to connect with animals, accessible to many, located just 15 minutes from downtown Denver. 
Then the pandemic changed everything.
We completely lost several of our most important months of event revenue, and when we were safely able to return it was at a mere fraction of our normal capacity.
And then came the animal dumping, as the pandemic created homelessness for so many animals due to illness, job loss, as well as whim buying by those unprepared for the long term care of farm animals. From dozens of tiny chicks to three giant baby cows, our life-or-death surrenders hit an all time high. 
With over 500 animals calling the sanctuary their forever home, we can not fail. But, we must be able to continue to feed them, provide their vet care and maintain a clean and warm environment through our toughest season of the year.
This special week of matched donations lets our community provide food the animals for just a few dollars, and a generous donor will double every bale of hay and bag of feed you donate. And this week of giving concludes with two very special, limited ticket VIP events at the sanctuary, to share the magic and beauty contained here. 
You can win tickets to our musical guest livestream on Saturday, November 14th. Every donation enters you to win. Or, purchase tickets to our Feast For the Turkeys Thanksliving Tour event on Sunday, November 15th and guarantee your spot for some very grateful animal snuggles.
When the pandemic is over, we will still be here, rescuing, advocating and creating a community around our good work. Because although we are down, we have not lost.