Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary Metal Print


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Peace and sunshine return to the sanctuary on a warm summer day, just after massive, heavy storm clouds pass. The familiar noises of the farm pick up where they left off; the songs of the red-winged blackbirds, starlings and finches continue. George, one of the cows, moos in anticipation of human attention. Quiet bleating from the sheep swirls through the air. The earthy smell of the farm animals blends with the dissipating odor of ozone.  Jessie, the guardian of the sanctuary, happily comes to greet you and as the as the goats emerge from their barn, the daily goat shenanigans resume.

This moment in time perfectly encapsulates what the days are like at the sanctuary. Bits of solace sandwiched between chaos, unpredictable weather and hard work.

Enjoy a little piece of Broken Shovels heaven printed 4″x6″ on specially coated aluminum with a high-gloss finish. They are water, weather and scratch-proof and include a floating hanger on the back for easy wall hanging. It makes a lovely gift. If you would like this item to be sent to an address other than your own, please indicate the full name and address in the Notes section during checkout.

***Price includes shipping and allow at least 2 weeks before shipping.***