Buy the Animals a Box of Produce!


Recurring donations help us to plan for the future. Consider making a monthly donation using our donation form.


Want to make a pig smile? Make a goose giggle? Give a cow an ear-to-ear grin? Did you know that you can give the animals nutritious fruits and veggies, even when you can’t be here in person!
We’ve partnered with Freshpoint Produce to have cases of less than perfect and nearly expired produce delivered three times a week. For just $5, you can buy an entire box of 20-50 pounds of healthy and exciting food for the 23 species of animals who live at the sanctuary.
Why is this so important? This goes far beyond just nutrition, it gives the animals stimulation and enrichment. It helps make their day interesting and variety helps keep them entertained and engaged.
While we try to keep daily produce available, during this budget reduction it’s been difficult. This is such a wonderful opportunity to let you make so many someones days really special. Sponsor 30 boxes and we’ll send you a customized Thank You video of the caretakers feeding the animals!