“Everyone Deserves To Be Loved” A children’s book for young and old


“Tripod was owned by people who didn’t care about her and didn’t think she was worth loving. But we did. Because everyone deserves to be loved.”

This book is a heartfelt work about navigating the difficulties of loving and being loved, told from the perspective of our rescued farm animals, put into words easily understood by children.


Fiona, the mastectomy survivor.

Claude, the sassy abandoned rooster

Tripod, the dairy farm discard with an amputated leg

Gerald, the disposed chick who grew too fast

Holly, the old abused potbelly pig

Hank and Jolene, piglet companions for Holly

Cecil and Sylvester, the turkeys who celebrate Thanksgiving

Nico and Panda, baby goats saved from slaughter

Demeter, unloved barn cat finds a home

All proceeds of this book will go toward supporting our existing farm animals and rescuing more special needs refugees of the farm industry.

Item will ship in time for the holidays.

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