Plant an Evergreen!


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PLANT YOUR LOVE: a Valentine’s Day fundraiser for a love that lasts centuries.
Why buy expensive flowers that last a few days, when you can buy an entire tree that will help shade and protect rescued animals, make the world a more beautiful place, and help offset pollution? And we will send you a beautiful digital certificate to present to your loved one!
The sanctuary has just three trees on our entire huge property, which leaves us open to battering prairie winds, intense heat from the sun, and this year left us open to gun violence. With the help of a volunteer arborist, we can change all of that…with your help.
We will be purchasing 6 foot baby trees of fast growing species. Some will line the perimeter of the property for safety, wind block, noise control from the busy roads, and will help clean the air of exhaust. Others will provide food and enrichment for our residents who live their best lives in more forested habitats, like oak trees that will provide acorns for the pigs and fruit vines for the chickens and waterfowl.
We’ve been here for ten years, and we’ve put EVERYTHING into building safe, warm and cozy spaces for the animals here. It’s finally time to take us into the next phase of development to go from SURVIVE to THRIVE!
$75 buys a shade tree
$50 buys an evergreen tree
$25 buys a vining plant or shrub
Please note that we will be purchasing all trees at once as we hit our goal, so you may not see the fruits of your donation right away!
Thanks and We Love Ewe!
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