Private Tour – 90 Minutes




The farm is yours for an hour and a half!

This listing is for a private tour, for up to 6 people. Additional guests are $10 each to be paid before your tour starts.

Enjoy the farm in a more intimate setting. This is a partially guided tour, that allows you free time with the animals as well. Learn more about the history of the farm and the stories of ur animals lives. Get behind the scenes times with our residents who may not yet be ready for public events.

You may bring food to feed the animals, however the following foods are  NOT allowed: grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, raisins, stone fruits (avocados, cherries, peaches, etc.), bread/processed food, and absolutely NO animal products.

*****All attending guests must read and abide by the Rules for Humans*****

We try to instill our love and respect for animals in our visitors, even the littlest ones. We love having people share this connection to our livestock animals. To this end, we have just a couple of rules:

DO NOT OPEN ANY GATES and KEEP OUT of roped-off areas.

Please leave pets at home. Our goats and dogs are very sensitive to non-human visitors.

NO chasing or yelling at the animals. This is THE BIG RULE! Let them come to you and you’ll have more fun and nobody gets stressed out or hurt.

***Adults are responsible for supervising their children.***

Do not put anything in our water buckets or hay feeders. Do not offer goats hay or straw off the ground. NO unauthorized feeding of any kind.

DO NOT hit, pull, smack or otherwise mistreat the animals. You will be asked to leave immediately. Animals should never be picked up, this includes chickens.

DO NOT climb on the red car

The animals like to nibble on clothes, shoes and especially fingers! It’s cute, but it can hurt, so it’s better to keep fingers out of animals mouths.

Please don’t pick up sticks. Our goats are very sensitive to this because we use long poles to herd them places when we need to. It’s scary when a stranger has sticks and the goats don’t know what they’re supposed to do.

We have working livestock guardian dogs on the property who have different levels of comfort with humans. Please be respectful of their space if their body language shows they are distressed or uncomfortable.


We love our animals like most people love their children. We try to give them a happy, stress-free life. We love to show them off and share their gentle spirits with our guests…but please remember this is a sanctuary, not a circus or petting zoo and that’s not how our animals have learned to behave.

We reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if we feel they are disregarding the rules. No refunds for paid tour time will be given if you or any member of your group are asked to leave the sanctuary. 


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