Single Membership


Recurring donations help us to plan for the future. Consider making a monthly donation using our donation form.



Do you love to visit the sanctuary? Purchase a Single Membership and visit your favorite animal residents year-round!

With your support we can continue to thrive, rescue animals from abuse and neglect, engage with our community and educate about the lives of the animals we care for.

Benefits for a Single membership holder are:

  • Entrance for you to all 12 Sunday afternoon open sanctuary Snuggle days
  • 2 VIP tickets for you to use at any special event.*
  • A cool Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary bumper sticker!

After purchase, membership is non-transferable and non-refundable. Entry to ticketed and special events are NOT included in this membership. We will identify membership holders at the events by phone number or by name. If you purchase a membership for another person, please provide their full name, email and phone number in the notes section.

*The value of one VIP ticket = $25. VIP tickets can be used toward evening events, First Fridays, Food Truck Brunch Saturdays and Goats in RiNo events. VIP tickets cannot be used for events where cost of entry exceeds $25 per person. VIP tickets cannot be combined.