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Rats are an undeniably adorable yet uninvited  member of our sanctuary animal community. But rats get a bad rap as they are still an important species to an ecosystem. Among the most resourceful and possibly opportunistic of the urban wildlife species, they can also be destructive and will reproduce to levels where their population will self-limit by illnesses and violence toward each other, causing a tremendous amount of suffering.
We will never use a rodenticide (rat poison) as it is an absolutely awful, slow way to die. There are several types of rat poison intended to cause fatal harm; rats will internally bleed to death, their organs calcify causing organ failure or their digestive system will react with a toxic gas. Additionally, other animals (dogs, cats, birds, wildlife, etc) who are attracted to poisonous bait or feed on poisoned rats become collateral damage. It would never make sense for us to treat them as vermin or pests, as much of the world does, when we are an organization that advocates for the lives of all animals. However, the kindest thing we can do is to help them limit or extinguish their reproductive capabilities. That’s right…Rat Birth Control! This product has just become available to private individuals without a pest control operator’s license through a company called Senestech, who pioneered ContraPest, a non-lethal, humane rat control.
You can help us provide them with this incredible gift of just $18 to buy over 100 rats two weeks worth of medicated bait, administered by a bait station where they come to feed. This method is safe and non-toxic for all the other animals around them, and as a prey animal, will not cause any secondary poisoning to predators like birds of prey or foxes.
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