Sponsor a Rescue Animal - Equine


Recurring donations help us to plan for the future. Consider making a monthly donation using our donation form.


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Receive a 2″x 2″ color magnet to show your sponsorship of our mule, donkey and mini-horse residents! Your sponsorship feeds one animal for one month.

Freckles the donkey came with Wally, one of our rescued cows. Freckles had been abandoned by her first family and was left at the property before new people moved in. We were told by her second family that she had been taught to sit like a dog for pictures.

Edna is a mule that was abandoned with her mini-horse friend, Mavis. With a lot of love and treats, we have finally regained their trust, but we continue to work and spend time with them to let them know they are safe and won’t be abandoned again.

Elisa, Ernesto and Emilio the family of mini-donkeys, were rescued from a kill lot, penned with full sized horses that violently bullied them out of food and water. Emilio developed a rectal prolaspe that had started to rot, Elisa’s hooves were hacked off at the toe causing her pain and frostbite is likely the cause of her shortened ears. Ernesto, the youngest, seemed to escape major injury however, like his mother and brother he was starving. Through vet care, good nutrition and love this sweet little family continues to thrive.  (We also found out that Elisa is pregnant!)

Pearl, Imogen and Dinah, the standard-sized donkeys came from another kill lot, awaiting shipment to slaughter. They are extremely shy and wary of people so we have a long way to go to regain their trust. We have been told all are expecting babies.

Mac is a former dressage horse who sustained a significant injury to his hip which he receives pain medication and monthly chiropractic care for. We aren’t sure of his actual breed, but Mac is a 17-hands tall gentle giant who loves attention. Due to his advanced age, he also is on a special diet.

The equines thank you!

If you’d like to sponsor an animal on someone else’s behalf, please indicate where you’d like their magnet sent to in the check out notes. If you’d like your gift to go further, add “no magnet” to the notes at checkout. This will save us materials and postage fees.

Our first priority is taking care of the animals and we make every effort to get to the post office every week, but sometimes that doesn’t happen so we cannot guarantee shipping times. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.