Sponsor a Rescue Animal - Goat


Recurring donations help us to plan for the future. Consider making a monthly donation using our donation form.


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The goats were the cornerstone of our farm, the first animals we started rescuing almost 10 years ago. Funny, sweet and a little obnoxious, the bulk of our hay budget goes to keeping all these hungry mouths fed.

Your sponsorship also helps provide us minerals, supplements and any medications or treatments, herbal and conventional, that the goats need.

You will receive a 2″x 2″ keepsake magnet with your one-month sponsorship.

The goats thank you!

If you’d like to sponsor this animal on behalf of someone else, please provide details of where you would like this shipped to in the notes at checkout.If you’d like your gift to go further, add “no magnet” to the notes at checkout. This will save us materials and postage fees.

Our first priority is taking care of the animals and we make every effort to get to the post office every week, but sometimes that doesn’t happen so we cannot guarantee shipping times. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.