Sponsor a Rescue Animal – Goose Flock




Sponsor the Beaker Flock or the Webster Lake Flock! We love the addition of the geese to our sanctuary. Their “honks” for attention are music to our ears!

Beaker and his two lady friends along with two ducks named Batman and Robin were brought to us as their owner could no longer keep them. Beaker lost the top part of his beak to a predator when he was younger, but he is otherwise healthy and very talkative.

The Webster Lake flock were domestic geese dumped at a nearby park. They are a very curious bunch and love to get in shouting matches with the Beaker flock but everyone gets along.

We also have several other domestic geese that have been brought to us as well.

If you’d like to sponsor this animal on behalf of someone else, please provide details of where you would like this shipped to in the notes at checkout.

Our first priority is taking care of the animals and we make every effort to get to the post office every week, but sometimes that doesn’t happen so we cannot guarantee shipping times. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.