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Hank & Jolene

Hank and Jolene were born on a farm where their owner planned to eat them. Their mother lived in a cage where she couldn’t turn around, and the babies could only crawl up to her to nurse. She couldn’t comfort and rub her babies with her snout, or protect them as mother pigs want to do.
The farm was very dirty and they were kept in a dark barn. They were so scared of people because they had never been petted or handled gently. They shook and trembled at first when we tried to come near them and comfort them. We spent lots of time giving them cookies, scratching their backs and talking to them. When they finally understood we were not going to hurt them or treat them roughly, they became so happy and silly and got into anything they weren’t supposed to. Life is lots of fun when you are loved.
Someone brought Hank and Jolene into the world to have a short life, and didn’t care if they were happy or sad. We hope we can give them a long life, and a happy life, where they can be a family with Holly. No one should ever use someone in ways that hurt them. Because everyone deserves to be loved.


Holly is a potbelly pig. Someone bought her as a pet, and did not treat her well. She was hurt by the people she loved, and so she became a very angry little pig who bit people and did not want anyone to be close to her. She went to lots of homes who tried to help her, but she was always sent away because she could not be a nice pig.
Someone called and said Holly had no place else to go, and that she didn’t have much time to find a place where she could live. It was her last chance.
She came to Broken Shovels and had her own small pen, where we could pet her through the fence sometimes when she was in a good mood. We brought her lots of treats and told her that we loved her. She got better at feeling safe and not being afraid we were going to send her away. But she still seemed very sad and alone.
We wanted her to have friends, and we wanted to help someone else who needed us, so we brought home 2 piglets and built them all a new, big pen where they could become friends. Holly was grumpy with Hank and Jolene when they first met. They were tiny and tried to steal her treats. But she was very gentle even when she was bossing them around. Now Holly is so happy to have friends, and by watching how the baby pigs trust us, she had begun to trust us, too. She even asks us to pet her with little grunting sounds. She has a pig family and a person family, and she knows she is loved.
Holly never had anyone who was nice to her, and so she stopped trusting that people would be kind to her. Holly was a very sad, misbehaved pig. Everyone who tried to help her gave up on her. But we didn’t. Because everyone deserves to be loved.

The pigs thank you!

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