About Broken Shovels Farm

Broken Shovels has found it’s home as an urban farm in an economically challenged neighborhood and is committed to community involvement, neighborhood beautification, food justice and education projects. Attempting to set new standards for sustainability and environmental responsibility in agriculture, we are choosing to build our animal housing and fencing from mostly repurposed materials saved from landfills, and are working diligently on grey water and solar additions to our farm economy.


In our second year at this location, we began to work with local rescues to help house abused, neglected and otherwise homeless farm animals, dogs and cats.


Since then we have devoted ourselves to rescue, and now have become home not only to the original goats and chickens, but cows, pigs, ducks, a donkey, a goose, bunnies and many, many roosters.

As we move into our permanent role as a sanctuary, we hope to share the wonderful, unique personalities with our neighbors and friends.

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