We are only open specific days out of the month.
Please check our event listing below for the most up to date schedule of when we are open to the public to make sure we are open before coming to the sanctuary. We cannot make special visitation accommodations outside of designated public events. 

Upcoming Events

Saturday, July 9th – 4pm to 7pm (Food & the Flea)

 From calves, lambs, piglets, goat babies and puppies, we’ve taken on so many abandoned special needs animals, babies and adults alike, and we could sure use some help getting everyone some love as well as help fundraise for their huge vet bills and care costs. And all of our long time resident rescues could use some cuddles, too!

You’ll  have access to pens and pastures to meet all the different species who call Broken Shovels their forever home, with their caretakers nearby to tell you all about them.

Come out and have the greatest day making meaningful connection with some of the sweetest animals in Colorado, rescued from neglect, hoarding, abandonment and slaughter. A great time for all ages!

Each guest must have a ticket for an event, regardless of age.

Tickets are non-refundable. If dangerous weather prevents the event from happening, we will reschedule or offer a rain check for a future event.

No food or beverage for animals or humans are allowed at this event.

No companion animals are allowed anywhere on the sanctuary.

Please make sure to purchase your tickets for the correct session; tickets cannot be rescheduled. 

Events are typically an hour and half long; we cannot stay open longer to accommodate late arrivals. 

Be sure to wear waterproof boots as the sanctuary can be muddy this time of year.

Tickets are NON REFUNDABLE. If the event is cancelled due to severe weather or public health mandates, we will reschedule or offer a rain check for a future event. 

Be sure to read the Rules for Visitors