Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary

Next Public Event – Saturday, October 14th from 4pm-7pm. Get tickets!

October 14th = Charity Silent Auction

It’s our critical SILENT AUCTION FUNDRAISER, and we have had so many truly incredible prizes donated. This is our fancy event, and those who know us well know we aren’t black tie sort of folks although the occasion is esteemed, this is a casual shindig. So wear your ball gowns if you’d like, but don’t forget your boots we will be hanging out with goats!

Our event will be MC’d by The Pie Queen and First Gentleman of Colorado, author and animal activist, Marlon Reis will be speaking along with entertainment from Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, famed veterinarian from Animal Planet’s Emergency Vets and stand-up comedian. The Easy Vegan, 2023 winners from Food Network’s, The Great Food Truck Race, will be serving up delicious fare on this special night. Prizes up for auction to be posted soon but keep scrolling to see the event poster!

Broken Shovels Volunteer Star

Charlene and Serenity

“I chose to volunteer at Broken Shovels because the rescued animals give me so much joy and unconditional love. I have learned so much from the caregivers and it has enriched my life just being here so it’s the least I can do to give back.” – Charlene Estrada

Meet Charlene Estrada, September’s Volunteer Star

Charlene has been volunteering at Broken Shovels for over 3 years now and started out as a public event volunteer and has morphed into our invaluable transportation hero.

In between her main career and sometimes a second job, Charlene cares for her family and somehow manages to find time to pick up, sort and distribute yummy produce for the animals twice a week, take animals to and from their vet appointments at CSU in Ft. Collins and help us run other important errands. We sure are grateful for Charlene’s commitment to the animal residents of Broken Shovels and how she helps make the caretakers’ jobs easier. (The water buffalo are also very grateful Auntie Charlene brings them bananas every week!) 

Thank you, Charlene – we are so glad you are a part of the Broken Shovels team!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a volunteer, click here.

Our Animals Reign

Broken Shovels Farm is a human and animal cooperative. All the souls on Broken Shovels Farm are treated with love and respect, despite their age or “usefulness”.

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We provide foster-to-adopt and long term foster for hard to place companion animals in partnership with local rescues, and we work with local agencies to ensure all animals have safe placement.

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