This Month's Volunteer Star!

This month’s volunteer star is Paulina Piekarska-Léveillée! She has been an animal care assistant for nearly a year at the sanctuary. Despite experiencing the loss and grief of a beloved sanctuary resident her first day of volunteering, Paulina happily shows up in rain, snow, freeze, flood or shine to help the caretakers make sure all mammals are watered and fed. She also helps out her fellow ACA’s to cover any chore shifts and also nominated Broken Shovels for a monetary grant through her place of business.

“My time at Broken Shovels has as much of an impact on me as it does the animal residents. I love gaining the trust with the individual animals, seeing their personalities come out and watching their comfort and happiness blossom. It’s so rewarding and inspiring to spend my sunday mornings, it’s my happy place.”

Thank you for everything and especially for your love and care for the animals. We are so fortunate to have you be a part of Broken Shovels! 

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Broken Shovels Farm is a human and animal cooperative. All the souls on Broken Shovels Farm are treated with love and respect, despite their age or “usefulness”.

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We provide foster-to-adopt and long term foster for hard to place companion animals in partnership with local rescues, and we work with local agencies to ensure all animals have safe placement.

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