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January's Volunteer Star!

Janice Ceperich is kicking off our 2024 volunteer star and rightfully so! Janice has been volunteering as one of our Animal Care Assistants for well over a year, making sure all of the mammals have clean water and dishes and helping the caretakers manage the details of morning feeding chores including chopping hay for our special needs animals. 

Recognizing her contributions over the last couple of years to Broken Shovels is overdue. Janice has been through several seasons as an ACA and is quick  to follow new changes. She helps out whenever she has additional time, has recently picked up a few other shifts for other ACA’s and is always very communicative. We also appreciate her understanding of how important ACA’s are in our day-to-day operations and is always willing to swap shifts with other ACA’s when she is unable to be here. Janice has also helped out the sanctuary with a linen and donation drive, helping to transport animals to vet appointments and she supports our public events by bringing family to visit the sanctuary. Below are some her photos of  the water buffaloes and Love & Whirley; animals she helps take care of. 

Thank you for everything, Janice! We are so fortunate to have you be a part of Broken Shovels!

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Broken Shovels Farm is a human and animal cooperative. All the souls on Broken Shovels Farm are treated with love and respect, despite their age or “usefulness”.

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We provide foster-to-adopt and long term foster for hard to place companion animals in partnership with local rescues, and we work with local agencies to ensure all animals have safe placement.

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