This Month's Volunteer Star!

This month’s Volunteer Star is actually two awesome people, Amber Otis and Josh Logan!

Although Amber started volunteering initially and then encouraged partner, Josh, to volunteer, we wanted to recognize each part of this dynamic duo for the ways they have contributed to Broken Shovels! From helping to keep our common areas tidy, to sorting and organizing endless linens, breaking down endless cardboard boxes, distributing produce to the animals, driving cross-country to rescue Mateo, scraping barns, transporting ill animals to CSU, helping out other rescues, helping us with our hospital barn animal care, completing numerous thankless tasks quickly and efficiently… AND adopting two little goats from a hoarding case last year to add to their family in the process. Wow. Amber and Josh are both are very easy to work with and we are grateful that they both choose to spend some of their free time together for the animals. 

“Broken Shovels has become my happy place, even when the trash is extra stinky, Gandalf will make me smile.” – Amber

“I love being able to make animals lives better. They do so much for us that it’s good to repay them.” – Josh

Thank you for everything. We are so fortunate to have you be a part of Broken Shovels! 

If you are interested in volunteering, please click here

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