Item Donation Needs

There are many ways to help the sanctuary. Whether it be food donation, construction materials or animal-specific care items, below is a general list of items or services we can use.

We are pretty thrifty and will accept things that are still in useable condition and can provide a receipt for your tax purposes. If you have questions about item/service donation or even a useful item that you might be willing to sell to us at a discount, please email Items like linens or other small items can be dropped off at our gate whenever convenient for you. 



  • Cash Donations – Venmo, Paypal, cash, check, or via our website
  • Monthly donors make a huge difference! Donate as little as $5 per month or consider including the animals in your estate planning 
  • Trees, plants or bushes – these must be animal-safe/non-toxic even if they don’t go in an animal enclosure 
  • Building materials – wood (OSB, plywood, 2×4, 4×4, etc., untreated railroad ties and telephone poles), hardware cloth, construction hardware (tools, drill bits and saws, functional windows, useable paint, door handles, latches, hinges, pliers, screw drivers, heavy duty carabiners), t-posts, bags of unopened concrete, siding in good condition, etc.
  • Plastic and metal feed dishes, kiddy pools and sandboxes, 6ft dog run panels (NO chain link), Sump/trash pump
  • Break-away collars in large and x-large sizes
  • Food-safe 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon barrels and lids, plastic totes 
  • Basic office supplies – printer paper, pens, dry-erase markers, envelopes, large metal filing cabinets
  • Species-specific treats 
  • Shade sails, tarps, bungees, misting hoses, extension cords, brooms, shovels and snow shovels, rakes, large fans, fly spray, large and small kennels, large dog beds and old cat trees (that are still safe to climb), heat lamps and bulbs
  • Unused medical supplies – disposable gloves, syringes, betadine, vet wrap, Tums, digital thermometers, etc.
  • Linens – towels preferred, but we will also take comforters blankets, sheets and pillow cases. NO pillows/cushions/mattresses
  • Got a working tractor or Bobcat skid steer attachment? A Mule, Gator or golf cart? Generators? A dump trailer?
  • Small raised garden bed(s), backyard sheds in good shape, leaf and/or hay chopper, wood chipper
  • Gift cards to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Murdoch’s, Amazon,
  • Volunteers
  • Construction-based service – concrete or dump-truck transport
  • Landscaping – recycled road base, pea gravel, etc.
  • Grant-writing
  • Animal chiropractic
  • Vac truck services
  • Repairman