Who We Are

Andrea Davis – Director

From an early suburban life of cats, dogs, hamsters, lizards, horses, butterflies, and even leeches from the creek, or really any animal who would let me get my hands on them, it’s rare to find a childhood picture of me without an animal cameo.

I started my work with large animals going into the dairy industry. I had big dreams of being a world famous cheesemaker, but quickly realized my true passion was still caring for animals. After a couple of years running my own slaughter-free dairy model, it was clear that my heart was planted firmly in rescue. I donated the business, land and home I had worked so hard for to the sanctuary that was already sprouting up around us as we had begun rescuing several species even before closing the dairy in 2017. And it was the best decision I’ve ever made, bringing me to my true self and reflecting my desire to do truly good work in this world.

As the Director of Broken Shovels, I am combining a life’s worth of experience in animal husbandry, running a small business, outreach and education, and sales, coupling that with my bad sense of humor, workaholic tendencies and unstoppable idealism about what I can do to be of service to all species. But really, I think they gave me the job because no one else wanted to
do it! I am forever indebted to my mother, Joyce and my daughter, Emma, as well as my tireless co-workers, without any of whom this journey would not have been possible.

Amber Heine – Sanctuary Manager & Board Secretary/Treasurer

Following a hiatus of gainful employment, Amber found herself volunteering over 8 years ago at Broken Shovels when it was still a dairy. Time spent at the farm helped Amber to realize she didn’t want to be part of a tradition or culture that eats animals or uses animals for human gain any longer and has been vegan for over 5 years and has followed Andrea down the rabbit hole of farm animal rescue and care. Drawing from an organizational, administrative and training background, Amber’s attention to detail (read: anxiety) suits the Sanctuary and the Board’s need for systematic planning and record keeping well as helping to educate visitors on the need to rethink our current human/animal relationships for the animals, the planet and our health. In the handful of hours she has before going to bed and doing it all over again the next day, she enjoys cross-stitching, reading fiction and staring into space.

Jake Krall – Operations Manager

Before finding his way to Broken Shovels, Jake has been through many different jobs, and has graduated in the top of his class at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute with BMW and Kawasaki specializations. He started volunteering at Broken Shovels in 2015 and fell in love with the animals. During the last few years he had slowly ramped up the amount of hours he was at the sanctuary until a tipping point when the live-in chore person was leaving and the position needed to be filled. Once the position of live-in caretaker was offered to him, it didn’t take too much time to realize this is where he was meant to be. Jake has a passion for animals’ wellbeing and enjoys sharing knowledge with people about how animals are mistreated throughout the world and how animal products are negatively impacting the health of the population, the planet and all of its animal inhabitants. Besides spending time with the animals at the sanctuary, he enjoys being with his family, snowboarding, all things motorcycle and everything that comes with being a new father.

Sean Kruger – Project Manager & Maintenance

I got kicked out of high school when I was 16 and started working with my father doing handyman work. Over the last 22 years, I try to learn everything I can about things related to my work and I am at the point where I am able to fix/build just about anything. I find my value and purpose in working with my hands and contributing my skills at the sanctuary makes me feel like I am doing something that matters. I have done construction, plumbing and electrical work in 14 states, varying from stadiums, big box stores, homes, offices, data centers, industrial equipment and complexes, high-rises, and sport and recreation centers. I have always been very close to animals and enjoy the friendships I have here with George the cow, Kitkat the goat, pigs Whirley and Love and Blackie Chan the rooster just to name a few. I love being a father to my kids and I’m very proud of them. If there were more hours in the day, I’d love to go kayaking or camping or spend more time woodworking or fabricating.

Lynne Sprague – Veterinary Committee

Lynne began volunteering at Broken Shovels in 2018 and brings over 20 years of social justice, community organizing and animal liberation work to her role on the Board. Lynne gained experience from creating animal rights campaigns, to high volume spay and neuter/medical wellness and volunteering for local rescue groups. Lynne just finished a life-long dream of becoming a vet tech so she can do medical care work with animals in rescue and sanctuary settings, and she can often be found in scrubs and covered in animal fur.

Dr. Jason Cordeiro – Veterinary Committee

Jason has been a veterinarian since 2003 and specializes in end of life care and soft tissue surgery. His passion is rescue work and he has worked at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Denver Dumb Friends League, Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance and the Maxfund. He performs surgery for numerous rescue groups at Animal Care Center of Aurora & Downtown Animal Care Center in Denver, and regularly goes on volunteer spay/neuter trips to Spain (Spanish greyhounds or galgos are horribly abused and discarded) as well as impoverished areas of the US. In 2009, He started One Last Gift, an in-home euthanasia practice and has had the honor of helping thousands of pets get their wings in their homes and their humans’ arms. Just to understand himself better, Jason also obtained his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2000 and late. Jason has been (consistently) vegan for over 10 years because he doesn’t eat his friends and patients. He began volunteering at Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary in 2018 and has learned more about farm animal & avian medicine from Amber & Andrea in a few hours than in 4 years of veterinary school. Jason enjoys writing, playing guitar and drums, snowboarding and sleeping but mostly hanging and making out with his dogs.

Cari Schweitzer – Board Advisor & Event Committee

Cari’s passion for animal welfare spilled over into becoming a vegan activist. Leading by example, Cari’s kindness and compassion shines through her heartfelt social media posts about the cruelties of animal agriculture as well her amazing skills as a loving, rehabbing chicken mama. She takes care of her chickens, cats and dogs and in addition to running a successful entertainment and event venue in the RiNo District of Denver, she still finds time to volunteer at least one full day a week at Broken Shovels.

Cameron Marcotte – Board Advisor & Fundraising Committee

Cameron began attending Broken Shovels events in 2018 and began volunteering as an enthusiastic cat area cleaner at the beginning of 2020. Her love for Broken Shovels and its beautiful residents (both animal and human) grows exponentially with each visit. While her happy place has always been in a pile of goats, her day job is building concert venues as the Project Director for AEG Real Estate Development which requires extensive travel and long hours away from her husband and three kitties. It has always been a dream of Cameron’s to volunteer regularly and give back in a meaningful way as animal rights and veganism are her guiding principles.

Rachel Baldwin – Board Advisor & Fundraising Committee

Rachel has been a supporter of Broken Shovels since 2018 and started volunteering in 2021. As a vegan and animal rights advocate it was an easy transition into volunteering and jumping in to help with the weekly clean up chores. With a background in fundraising and event planning Rachel is always excited about helping put on functions to benefit the sanctuary and its residents. 

Joyce Welsh – Board Advisor

One of the most important things about me, and one that I am so very proud of, is being Andrea’s mom. I feel that a deep love for animals is in our DNA. I grew up on a small farm in Nebraska where almost every one of our animals had a name and distinct personality. They were cared for like family, but some ended up as food, and that was the hardest part of farm life growing up. I guess I felt that if that could be changed…farm life would be utopia.

Farm life has changed drastically from my childhood….but not in the way I wished. 
Factory farming is a nightmare for animals, people, and the environment. Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary is making a difference in the world by being a voice to educate people, and to rescue animals from abuse or neglect. I feel so honored to be a part of this mission. Another important (and best) thing about me is my 2 daughters, 2 sons, 3 granddaughters, 2 grandsons, and 2 granddogs and by extension…grandmother to at least 500 farm animals!