Broken Shovels Life Savers

You Make an Impact

Every donation you make to Broken Shovels always goes towards providing the best possible elements of care; proper nutrition, unparalleled veterinary care, and all the other parts that help the human caretakers do their best to make sure the animal residents have a comfortable and enriching quality of life. No matter what you deem small or large, your donations are extremely important and massively appreciated. Consider making a recurring donation to help with routine, ongoing animal care or make a tribute gift in honor of someone you care about here. 

In Memoriam

Wyatt aka The Pig 

“This donation is in memory of my dog Wyatt (aka “The Pig” for his pinkish & spotted belly) I lost last week. The joy he brought me I can not express in words. I hope this donation helps the “kids” to whom you provide sanctuary which all animals deserve.
(He is) The definition of a sweetheart who made this world better.
– from Wyatt’s dad, Kyle M. 

A heartfelt thank you to Wyatt’s family for allowing us to share his memory with our community.  

2023 Animal Sponsors

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