Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary Volunteering

Volunteering at Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary is not for everyone and if you cannot commit reliably to our needs mentioned below, please do not submit an application. Potential volunteers need to be at least 18-years old.

If you have a love of all animals and are dedicated and reliable, we’d love to have you join our volunteer group.¬†

Below are areas we currently need additional help:

  • Public events help – Assisting with property clean up, on and off-site event set up, welcoming guests to the sanctuary, etc. This is a minimum 2-3x a month commitment and usually involve Saturdays/Sundays.
  • Habitat Helper – Clean up and inspection of animal areas, primarily chickens and main sanctuary areas as well as mucking the barns. This is a 2-hr weekly commitment.
  • Chore Help – This involves refilling and cleaning the various animal waters around the sanctuary and can include light property clean-up. Must be able to commit to one chore shift per week.
  • Occasional Project/Work Day – Typically a once a month commitment, weekend day(s). Can include light construction, clean-up, painting, animal pen maintenance, fencing, etc.

Please understand that we rely strongly on committed, reliable volunteers and we expect anyone who completes an application to put in work, not just to visit and take photos with the animals. Broken Shovels is a working sanctuary meaning we are constantly busy with animal care, sanctuary infrastructure projects, fundraising and outreach and we work very hard. We do not have time to entertain individuals looking for a free tour. This sounds harsh, but our ultimate priority is caring for the animals that call the sanctuary their home and we consider caring for and working with them to be a privilege.

At this time we do not offer any internships.

We are not currently able to accommodate group volunteering. As we house a lot of animals, we prefer to screen individuals who could potentially have access to our property and animals and we currently cannot do that effectively with groups.

If interested in the above mentioned positions, please click this link to be taken to the application. Please understand that we care for many animals and we may not respond as promptly as expected. All volunteers must complete an application as well as sign the release and waiver of liability prior to starting any work.

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