Goat Costumes!

Everyone around here has grown out of their unicorn costumes. So we invite our farm friends to bring a costume for the goats tomorrow at our Anniversary / Halloween Party. Even if you just outfit a dog collar for fancy-ness, I am sure the goats will be impressed!

A few guidelines…

-the simpler the better.

-goats like to nibble and eat things they shouldn’t. Prepare as if you are costuming a baby with regard to choking hazzards.

-some of our goats are shy. Some are quite outgoing. A staffperson will be on hand to help dress her either way to be sure everyone is comfortable.

-dont be offended if the costume isnt worn for long. If its just for a photo, that’ll work. We won’t put any of our animals into fear or distress. Some will just love the attention.

Hope youve got some good ones!

Sunday, October 26th, 1-3pm. 8640 Dahlia St. 15 minutes from downtown Denver.


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