Broken Shovels Farm is now officially a drop point for Azure Standard!

Thousands of organic and non-gmo food and bath products at near wholesale prices. Order small packages or bulk. Order online and choose Broken Shovels Farm as your drop. See link below to join.

This is now where we are sourcing an absolutely beautiful, corn/soy free organic feed for our birds. While we will continue to mix our own feed for the goats, many of our ingredients, like Thorvin kelp and organic field peas, come from our Azure delivery. For our backyard and urban farmers, this is such a great way to buy feed. They have a mind-blowing selection of heirloom seeds for our gardener friends.

Pickup is on a Tuesday, every four weeks. A great excuse to get an extra farm visit, too, and we are toying with the idea of a chevre or yogurt cheese CSA. Interest?

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