Gobble Gobble!

“Tradition should uplift and strengthen a community. As long as a tradition causes suffering, it is hindering our entire society’s ability to thrive. By practicing compassion, love and kindness, we can create a society where our holiday traditions facilitate a better world, for ourselves and all species on earth.”

Please welcome the newest permanent residents of Broken Shovels Farm and Sanctuary.

These boys were purchased as babies to a family who planned to eat them. After realizing what gentle, loving, intelligent creatures they are, spared them. Unable to take them along on a move to Maine, they were challenged with the task of rehoming them during a holiday that is less than respectful of their turkey bodies.

As a long-time vegetarian, I came into farming rather blindly. What I found was disheartening and painful, even working in small family farms. When I found the opportunity to open my own farm, I did so with resolve that it would not be a place of misery for its animal workers, but a place of kindness, fairness, natural lifespan and solace for them. My wonderful customers helped to make this a place of gentle experience of the absolutely huge hearts and personalites that farm animals have.
Though I know many of you don’t actively share my ideals, I ask that you consider my animals, who they are, the joy that life brings them, when making your food choices this holiday. And everyday.

Cecil and Sly, donned by their patron, Kristin, are eager to meet you. But please don’t be offended if they are still a bit shy.

Thank you to Robert and Shelly, for sharing them with us, and all who help to support what we do.

See you tomorrow, Sunday, 1-3pm. 8640 Dahlia St. 15 minutes from downtown Denver. We are all so excited!

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