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Broken Shovels Farm will be taking applications for Spring/Summer/Fall Interns and Volunteers!

Want to learn about animal husbandry, food production, small-scale farming? Or just wanting to be behind-the-scenes as we make cheese, deliver babies, and care for the many wonderful critters who call our farm home? Learn to manage a small market garden? Assist with building projects using alternative and up-cycled materials? Be involved in projects that benefit animals lives? Help with our sanctuary, rehabilitating pet and farm animals with love and attention?

These are unpaid, educational positions, though do carry a stipend of farm products. If you:

-Have 10-16 hours per week to devote to farm time,

-Have the ability to commit to regular weekly hours, and for at least 6 months,

-are not afraid of hard work, extreme weather, and getting dirty, and able to lift 50 pounds,

-have a great love of animals,

-have the capacity for quick learning and applying new knowledge to new situations,

…then this may be a perfect opportunity for you.

We will also have live-in positions which require more hours, for those out of state or wanting to gain a more intensive farm experience. We offer a fun, exciting, high-charisma environment and love to share this experience with intelligent, easy-going, responsible, fun people with a vision for a better world and more responsible agriculture.

If interested, please email and tell us a bit about yourself, your regular available hours and your goals for participation. If you have applied before and we were not able to fit you into our program, PLEASE feel encouraged to apply again.

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