Missing Arna

It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news that we have lost our sweet Arna. She was fortunate to have one of the best large animal veterinary treatment facilities in the country working on her, but even that was not enough. She was unresponsive to treatment and medication and it was found in her more comprehensive ultrasound that she had a painful and untreatable condition that she would never recover from. Many will want to tell me that this is the reality of farming. Its not. Its the reality of allowing yourself to love anyone. The likelihood of suffering the pain of loss looms large when your circle of loved ones is as wide and as wonderfully vibrant as ours is here. Arna, and everyone else here are not pets, they are not livestock, possesions or investments. They are my friends, co-workers, companions and loved ones. She was not my “child” but because her well-being fell into my hands, its difficult not to feel responsible for her demise, as well. Arna was one of my first babies born here in Colorado, and she and her mother, Marlys, were inseparable. She was a quiet and unassuming goat, shy and dear. I will miss her very much. Darling Arna, I’m so sorry our time was cut short. We had lots more sunny days and green pastures to enjoy, kids to love and yummy noises to appreciate, whenever you ate your food. Sometimes things just aren’t fair.

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