Update on Arna…

She has been transferred to CSU veterinary teaching hospital for further treatment of this mystery illness as her condition worsened today. Tests and ultrasounds did not tell us too much, except that she has elevated markers for inflamation and dehydration.

She will stay overnight with the dedicated staff at CSU, and receive IV fluids, painkillers and antibiotics under supervision. We are doing all we can for this sweet girl. Her babies remained at home since Arna is too fatigued to stand and feed them often enough and are happily taking a bottle til mama can come back home and take over, though they miss her.

Looks like another night in the barn with the sleeping bag to keep the babies from being lonesome or scared.

Keep sending her love, and hope for an improvement and recovery. Thanks to our amazing staff who gave so much time and support today as we work through this. And thanks to the ever supportive Dr. James Haught of Rancho-Snowfall, for talking me through this with so much expertise.

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