Uncle Charlie Pig

Uncle Charlie


I’m asking for help again to get this old guy out of trouble and get him the life he deserves.
Thank you to everyone who attended or donated to our fundraiser last weekend, we have a ways to go but it truly helped.
I got the call this week on a pretty heartbreaking story of a pig needing urgent rescue.
Uncle Charlie was found, stray, in a field, unable to walk.
There are a few ways a 600 pound arthritic pig ends up in the city, but most likely he was used as a breeder ’til he physically couldn’t and was then sold for backyard slaughter.
By some miracle, he escaped his killers.
Some of you know I have been slowly saving and fundraising for badly needed new pig facilities and vetting anyway.
This guy makes it all more urgent, as he has some disabilities and potentially expensive vet needs, and will require hosing that is easy to get in and out of.
He is being neutered this week and will stay a few days for recovery and healing, and gets to come to his forever home here next week.
More than anything, I want to show Charlie that a different kind of world is possible. Room to root, a nice big lagoon to lounge his golden years in. That people can be loving and kind.
So, I’m asking for major and quick fundraising once again to make the expansion and facilities that will support Charlie and allows us to comfortably respond to urgent rescues in the future as well as provide our current piggies with everything they deserve.
I’ve asked for a lot this year already and I wish I could do all of this work without asking for help. But I honestly can’t.
I will always appreciate shares, encouraging words, and support of any kind as we build this sanctuary. ❤


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