Bomb Cylone Hits Colorado – and the sanctuary!

We lost a large shelter to the winds a couple hours ago and have been working to relocate the animals who used it to other barns. This was not an easy task, needing to move our abused rodeo discard donkeys who are feral and difficult to handle even outside of a white-out blizzard and sustained 50mph winds. No one was injured and we’ve moved vulnerable animals where we are able.

Our biggest hurdle came from this storm beginning with torrential rains early this morning that caused flooding over much of the sanctuary.

We were able to get hay out where needed. Although we worked to move 9 tons of hay into place yesterday, most of the animals are not wanting to leave barns into the relentless onslaught of winds and snow.

We have all three of us staff here, and have asked that no volunteers come today due to the dangerous road conditions.

We are told the worst of the winds are on their way right now with gusts up to 80mph possible.

We will be monitoring and have heated areas set up for critical care if needed.

As hopeless as we feel today amidst this brutal storm, the love and support we’ve received in such short time makes us feel much warmer inside, which was needed after the three of us took another 400 pounds of feed and many buckets of water to the many birds and pigs.

Thank you so much for your support; we feel palpably less upset this afternoon, because of all of you.


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