Lambs saved from slaughter

We were given the opportunity to save these three tiny two day old lambs today, and we said yes.

Please welcome Ollie, Mollie and Lollipop, three of the absolutely sweetest little souls.

Having been torn from their mothers just after being born, they were a little shaky and exhausted this morning. All three have made great strides today, though, eating great, loving being held and comforted, jumping and playing, and getting some magnificent naps in.

These were bred to be born this time of year to be ready for Easter slaughter. We can’t imagine how anyone could hurt these darling, trusting, loving little babies, and we are grateful to the kind human who saw their plight and advocated for their lives, and contacted us for placement.

If you’d like to help with their milk and care bills, you can sponsor them here.

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