Ulysses and Perseus are home!!

Ulysses and Perseus are home!!

California calves need Colorado jackets, so they got bundled up, drank their warm milk and are now down for a nap til next feeding.

I’m in awe of how absolutely ecstatic they were to arrive in their new home. I was expecting them to be a bit lethargic and worn out from their travels, but no…They galloped around for a good half hour, mooing with joy and exploring every corner of their new forever home.

I just got off the phone with CSU and we have a guarded report of improvement tonight for Lyric and Atlas, who had to stay behind for more treatments and recovery before they are clear to come home.

With ever growing vet bills, some expected and some unexpected, we could use some more calf sponsors. Each baby will need about $3 of milk every day.

Want to sponsor and we will send you a thank you magnet of one of these little moo-faces?


Have contact with a grocer willing to donate close to expiration whole milk?

Leave us contact info below, tag a store who may want to donate or email us the info at amber@brokenshovels.com!

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