These are our rescues, but they are yours too

Taylor, three legged goat and her stow-away baby Ali.

A year ago, most of my favorite people all joined together to work on a horrifying rescue of over 100 starving hoarding case animals. When it started, it was supposed to be 35 goats and when we arrived we found more than triple that number dead, dying, starving goats, alpacas, llamas, horses, and birds. It was painful, mentally, emotionally and physically, and yet barely prepared us for what was to come this past year.

We struggle every day with the animals we rescued from this case. They are mostly all still feral, have hoof issues, shearing needs, huge horns we weren’t prepared for with our fencing and feeding infrastructure, and being honest, years of neglect and fighting for resources, they are just mean to each other. Their vet bills have been far more than double what their fundraiser brought in.

But, lives were changed. Animals were rehabilitated. Bony bodies filled in, families stayed together, and this nervous, cagey, disabled goat had her baby in safety and good health, unlike many of the mothers who gave birth before we arrived, as the bodies of babies were found everywhere on the property, and starving infants cried endlessly for milk their mothers couldn’t make without having food themselves.

Making necessary decisions about who to rescue is difficult, agonizing. But pushing to do more than we thought we could has never been a disappointment.

Thank you all for your generous and caring support. We could not do what we do without you. These are our rescues, but they are yours, too.

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