Introducing the #notafood Series!

This is the first day of our first week of the #notafood series!
This week, we will focus in depth on our largest rescued animals at the sanctuary: cows!
Many of you have met our gentle giants in person, read their stories and even donated to their rescue and long term care. But you may not have ever connected these silly, sweet, adorable “grass puppies” with the food on your plate.
This week we will look at all things MOO and tell the stories of our residents and beyond. We hope, by the end of this week, you’ll see a cow and say “NOT A FOOD!”
We have six weeks to raise a whopping $50k that will be matched 100% by a generous donor, to sustain the sanctuary, struggling during the pandemic. Donate, like, comment, share and let’s save animals!
Venmo: @brokenshovels

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