Celebrating Life & Love for All

Some quick Valentine’s math –  

Hot chocolate + our version of Love Potion #9 + mouth-watering vegan truffles + the chance to get an instant photo with an animal valentine = a perfect Sunday!

How do you get the opportunity to get a keepsake instant photo with an animal valentine? All you have to do is make and bring a valentine for any of the animals below. Grab some crafting materials and create something that shows the animals how much they mean to you. All ages encourages to participate and you are welcome to bring a valentine for an animal not shown below that is extra special to you. (Not all animals may want to have their photo taken and we will respect their space.) Scroll down to learn more about our animal valentines.

We hope to see you for the sweetest afternoon with rescued farm animals. Follow this link to get tickets!

Will you be Tripod's Valentine?

Tripod is a wonderful older lady with only 3 legs from an injury due to neglect prior to being rescued, but that doesn't get her down. Ever the classy gal, she enjoys munching on the finest alfalfa under the warm sunshine and endless shoulder scratches.

Will you be Ernie's Valentine?

Roosters are generally protectors and Ernie has a penchant for fighting (and losing) with other birds so he is one of the few birds that live in the barn with our special needs animals. Sweet with humans, he loves scratching for dried mealworms and watching the world go by with his hen, Erin.

Will you be Lilah's Valentine?

Lilah Moo is a very special cow who was born with severe back leg deformity. Despite her condition, she enjoys life, watching the goat shenanigans in the hospital barn from her own custom-built shelter, constantly crunching on only the best grass hay with her companion, Frances the goat. Her favorite things are constant adoration, massage (to assist with circulation) and neck scratches.

Will you be Spirit's Valentine?

Spirit is lucky to never have known a bad day in his life, being born at another rescue before making his way to us. Spirit is blind in his left eye but he is the spiciest little mini-horse you'll ever meet. He loves snacks, taunting the livestock guardian dogs through the fence, giving kisses to people who have snacks and enjoys chest scratches.

Will you be Astrid's Valentine?

Astrid is the sweetest livestock guardian dog here. Rescued as a pup born to one of our foster dogs, we thought she would be a great fit to protect the animals. She still has more to learn, but she will do just about anything for pets and turns to fluffy putty in your lap. Her favorite thing is loving attention from people and running around playing with her dog friends, Arnold and Opal.

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