We got a distressing message yesterday about a baby goat who broke her leg some time ago, a compound fracture where the bone had come through the skin. The owners tried home care with a splint, but of course the leg became infected and died. This was now a critical medical issue, as this kind of infection can quickly cause sepsis (blood infection), organ failure and death.

Baby Valentina was transported to CSU Vet Hospital, where we started life saving treatment, pain management, IV fluids and antibiotics, and emergency surgery will be needed tomorrow to remove the necrotic leg.

We need help! This is unexpected and while not something we did, we couldn’t let her continue to suffer without care, just a little baby girl who was in pain and didn’t know why.

This is not to shame or pass judgment, but what could have been a much different situation with immediate care from a trained veterinary professional has now become weeks of pain and the loss of her whole leg. BUT! We can still save her life and make it pain-free and beautiful once again. Please help us with these crucial funds, her bill will be over $2000 after surgery and recovery.

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PayPal: brokenshovels@gmail.com
Website: https://brokenshovels.com/donate/donate-form/

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