Baby Buff’s Return Home to Yama Snuggles!

Yama has not stopped snuggling his “babies” since they got home yesterday.

Being gone nearly a week to allow them to heal, I’m sure he was beginning to think they were never coming back. Of course he had other companions to keep him busy, but he never forgot his little ones.

Farm animals make specific, special bonds with their loved ones, and grieve when they lose them. When the baby buffs arrived on the heels of losing his brother Brahma, he didn’t make an instant connection just because they were the same species…It took time for their friendships to develop, and he continued to feel sadness for his loss.

But now he loves them, fiercely and completely. When they are gone, he longs for them as any of us would for our absent loved ones.

We all want to feel safety, comfort and love, just part of being alive, having brains, hearts and existing in these bodies we are given. All animals, human or otherwise, have the same chemicals and hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin floating around and helping us to respond to the world around us. Let’s make it a safe, kind, loving experience for everyone, and do everything in our power to avoid causing hurt and despair. One amazing thing about being human is that we can make choices to be kind.

Thank you for this little corner of the world where you can love who you love, be who you are, and have what you need.

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