Baby Buffs to the Vet!

The baby buffs are at CSU being neutered, and although Yama is distracted by finally getting to be close with the big buffs, he misses his babies.

The babies came to us on the heels of losing Yama’s brother Brahma, so taking his family away has some triggers for him. We are making sure he is eating and staying hydrated during this stressful time.

They’ll be home by the weekend, and they can be one big family again. No more tears, Yama!

After years working with farm animals in the dairy industry, I am sure about 2 things…

1. Neutering is critical to long term health of farm animals bred for high hormones, whenever there isn’t some dire circumstance preventing it. Watching my former dairy bucks age after years of hormones ravaging their bodies, they have a much higher incidence of cancer, arthritis, and life has taken so much out of them. Not neutering (and spaying jerk species-appropriate) takes years of happy life away.

2. Knowing that food/water/housing are not a concern, just like us, farm animals highest priority is being with their loved ones, which doesn’t just mean any animal of the same species. Herd animals especially make indelible bonds with the friends and family members they choose to love. It’s important to recognize how sacred that is, and to do whatever possible to respect and honor that love.

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