Last week, we had one of the most amazing days the sanctuary has ever experienced. Two of our heroes, @govofco and @firstgentmarlonreis dropped by the sanctuary and got some major smooches from the worlds cutest rescued farm animals. There were many smiles and tears as we took in this incredible honor. It was truly touching.

Just having the support of two such incredibly kind and generous (and esteemed!) human beings meant so much, especially after the flooding and loss of the last couple weeks. BUT…they also brought us a check that hopefully kicks off the start of something that will change the sanctuary forever.

Last May, the property adjacent to us was foreclosed on, and we’ve been going out of our minds trying to figure out how we could expand our current location to the higher ground next door, without having to move so far away from the city that we become inaccessible to visitors.

It’s just days from going on the market now, and we have started loan paperwork in hopes that we can do something that will change the lives of every animal who lives here. But we are still a long way away from the down payment we need to make it affordable and able to be financed.

Can we, the public, come together to match this amazing gift (from arguably the coolest Governor and First Gentleman in the whole country) and make this beautiful piece of land the rescue this sanctuary needs? We have just a little time and a BIG goal to reach …

Also, the water buffie babies were obsessed with Governor Polis. Just a fun fact!

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