Connie 🧡

Connie was rescued at ten years old after being surrendered to a shelter where she was in jeopardy of being fed to other animals, simply because she was old and wasn’t laying a lot of eggs anymore. She immediately found her soulmate in our board member/volunteer/special needs foster @morgan_for_the_animals , and went to live with her permanently.

Valora came to us at just a week old, the sole survivor of her owner allowing their puppy to attack and “play” the other four babies. Being an “only chick”, she was a perfect candidate for foster with a human mama who could give her lots of love and attention. Hatched in an industrial incubator then shipped through the mail with thousands of others, she never knew her real chicken mother who would have loved her, protected her, and taught her about the world.

Connie has never been interested in foster chicks before, but she sees something pretty sparkly and special in Valora, a kinship that is sincere and true.

Chickens are the most abused species on the planet. More than 70 billion are killed every year by the food industry, and though the backyard number is smaller, we find they are consistently disregarded and treated as a lesser animal by even those we consider to be “good” people, though they are as intelligent, emotional and fully feeling as a dog or cat, or human for that matter. How anyone could put either of these wonderful girls’ lives in peril is beyond comprehension to us.

We will treasure being able to watch Connie age with grace and dignity as she lends all her acquired wisdom to little Valora, so she can grow up strong, and confident that she is loved and important. As it should be.

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