Dobby and Gandalf celebrate nada-father’s day!!

GUESS WHO…is finally at CSU???

Dobby and Gandalf, our biggest Nada-moos are getting all ready to celebrate nada-father’s day!!

Broken Shovels is a no-balls zone, which is the only responsible way to keep rescued animals, making sure they can’t reproduce.

While we don’t have any lady buffs, you never know when that request could come in. Not to mention all the other behavioral and health benefits of neutering, and they’ll never have hormones saying they are missing the company of girls.

They’ll also get pedicures and vaccines while in the hospital, which means tip-top buffaloes.

Even though we are desperately raising money to expand next door, we still have all the feed and vet bills to keep up with too. Help us out with reproductive health funds and make these big guys smile 😊

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