Happy Gotcha Day, Vera, you beautiful, perfect being!

When Vera came to us six years ago after being abandoned in a parking lot, she was likely around 3-4 years old. This is the age where backyard chickens stop producing as many eggs and become less valuable to those who keep them. It’s heartbreaking to think of Vera as “unwanted” because her body wasn’t producing a product…just being around her brings so much joy. It’s been a privilege to watch her mature and become even more beautiful. You can see the wrinkles around her face, her comb has shrunk, all things that make her an absolute rarity for an animal that isn’t often allowed to live into their “golden years”.

She has always been plucky, determined, talkative, extroverted and bossy, loves to spend time with bird and human friends. Last year, she became very ill with something called fatty liver syndrome, which very few hens survive, but she amazed us all by fighting her way through it, even surprising our avian vet with her miraculous recovery. During that time, she made friends with another hospital bird named Peach and they became best friends, perching together every night and taking dust baths in the sun. Peach succumbed to cancer last month, and we’ve been helping Vera cope with extra attention and treats. Chickens are sensitive and emotional, and form strong bonds with their flock mates.

Due to the FLD leaving her more vulnerable to heat, she’ll move back into the air conditioning for the summer, but that means we’ll get to spend even more time with her. Some may consider her lucky to have landed here at the sanctuary, but it would be more accurate to say that all of us who know her are truly the fortunate ones.

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