Help us Save Mateo!

We need your help on this very early morning.

We’ve spent this week recovering from our loss of the most beautiful miracle moo to ever live, and we needed to turn our grief and pain into positive action when we were asked to help a baby with a broken leg, three states away.

From the moment we met Lilah, we wanted to give her all the love, legs and life possible. The legs part didn’t work out, so we doubled-down on the love and life. She was taken from us far too soon.

This baby has a chance for us to give him all three, and in honor of Miss Lilah Moo, we are trying. No one will ever replace her, but maybe helping someone else who had no options left is the next best thing.

Without possible surgery to repair his femoral fracture with a metal plate, euthanasia was the only other choice for him. Our brave transport volunteers @thevegan_ginger and @joshthebarber__ drove through the night, 24 hours round trip straight to @csuvethospital to get him the possibility of being made whole again, to live with us at the sanctuary.

The cost of surgery and recovery will be $4000 to $5000, a big blow to our already stretched vet budget. We took a chance, because being a little cow in pain isn’t where things should end for him.

Can you help us make this impossible possibility happen?

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