Lisette Looking for FUREVER Home!

The world’s cutest little dog is now available for adoption through @brighterdays_rescue !

Meet Lisette, a fluffy ray of absolute sunshine. She has a permanent smile on her face and if you can believe it, her personality is even more adorable than the rest of her. She will quickly have your whole heart with one little head tilt when she hears the word “treat” or a tell-tale bag rustling noise.

She’s smart, gentle, loves other dogs and kitties and every human she meets. At first she seems quiet, but she loves to roughhouse with her stuffed animals when she needs to get her wiggles out.

She’s not terribly athletic… she definitely COULD keep up on a hike but would be just as happy with a quick walk to smell the flowers and then back home to snuggle up and watch a movie.

Lisette is a small dog, not quite 20 pounds, is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and ready to find her forever person. Breed is not known, she was found wandering and no one came looking for her during the stray hold, but after a nice bath, she appears to be some mix of non-shedding breeds.

If you need someone to give you a reason to smile all the time, you might be a perfect match for Lisette. Applications are accepted through Brighter Days here:

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